Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Peggy Sue's... a blast from the past

    Peggy Sue’s is perfect, especially for us truckers, the RV crowd, and any of you other road trip warriors traveling north or south through the California desert between Las Vegas and L.A./San Bernardino via Interstate 15.  It is also very easy to get to from I-40.  The diner is surrounded by a huge dirt lot that always has plenty of pull in (no need to back in) parking no matter how late at night you get there.

    Peggy Sue’s is the real deal.  The diner was originally built in the 1950’s out of old railroad ties and other materials from the local railroad.  It was originally three booths and nine stools.  Since then a larger dining room, pizza parlor, ice cream parlor, gift shop and interesting grounds complete with a duck pond and larger than life statues of dinosaurs has been added onto the original structure.  And with the numerous signs along the interstates to advertise its existence, you’d be hard pressed to miss it.

    The folks who work at Peggy Sue’s are friendly and the waitresses wear 50’s era outfits to match the abundance of music, film, and other period collectibles that adorn every corner of the place.  Equally as friendly (based on my experiences) are the other patrons passing through.  I’ve met other truckers, Marines from the nearby base, traveling families, the young party crowd short on sleep after a weekend in Vegas on what (one can only assume) involved zero sleep, and I’ve even met vacationing Europeans.  There is even an employee who works there referred to by the wait staff as “Fabio.”

    Although I’ve sampled a variety of the fair on the menu, I tend to return for breakfast no matter what time of day it is; the “Traveler’s Special” never seems to disappoint.  If I can fit it (by loosening up the belt a little), I might even top it all off with a piece of pie or a shake.  During the winter months, they operate a shorter schedule, but as the weather warms up they stay open until 10pm.  

    For those of you looking for a fun and memorable dining experience, or a well lit place to park, you can find Peggy Sue’s at 35654 West Yermo Road, Yermo, CA 92398 or check out their website at


  1. I've passed by this place for years but have never stopped in. I love a good diner so I'll have to make a point to check it out next time we get out that way. Thanks for the pictures and the info!

  2. I definitely recommend it! Thank you too and you're welcome.