Believe it or not, I actually am a professional photographer.  I no longer have any professional photography equipment and am now only using the camera on my iPhone.  But in the past, I taught government personnel how to do it for specific purposes.  I used to use a Canon 5D mkII, with an assortment of lenses and attachments, as well as some point and shoot cameras and video cameras.  This page is a sample of photos I've taken over the years and I'll occasionally add new ones from my phone from time to time.  At some point, I'd like to get my hands on some proper photography gear again.

You can see some more of what I do on my tumblr page (here) or on my Instagram page (here)

Windmill - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Shuri Castle - Okinawa, Japan

Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland

Deep Sea Fishing on "Live Bait" - Waianae, Hawaii

Farmer's Market - Savannah, Georgia

Poor lonely fixie - Savannah, Georgia

A boy in a museum - Washington, D.C.

A girl in town - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Bird on the pier - Oceanside, CA
Train Station - San Diego, CA
Down by the river - Fredericksburg, VA
Mihama  - Chatan Cho, Okinawa, Japan
Windmill - Fredericksburg, VA
Chatham Manor - Fredericksburg, VA
Deep Sea Fishing on "Live Bait" - Waianae, Hawaii
Sea Wall - Okinawa, Japan
Savannah, CA
Savannah, GA
The Beach - Okinawa, Japan
Fixie - Savannah, GA
Overlooking Minama - Okinawa, Japan
Shurii Castle - Okinawa, Japan
Christmas in Virginia
Christmas in Virginia
The Brewery - Ft. Collins, CO
Inside the Brewery - Ft. Collins, CO
Inside Shurii Castle - Okinawa, Japan

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