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Over the years I have learned how to travel, how not to travel, the ins, the outs, and have made many, many mistakes.  On this page I cover things I've learned that will hopefully help you to make your travel experiences more enjoyable.

Just Do It
  For some of you, the actual act of getting out there in the world is the part that is holding you back.  Life is busy and overwhelming and there are just too many things getting in the way.  You don't have the time, you don't have the money, you have too many responsibilities, chores and projects around the house, the kid's activities, other commitments, etc.  And too often, if you had the time, the money, and a break in your schedule, you'd find yourself wondering where to go.  So often, people overthink the idea of travel and make it more complex than it really needs to be.  Once you actually get to the point where you are truly thinking about it, you get overwhelmed with the idea of having to spend a ton of money on all of the stuff you need for the trip.  Can I make a recommendation?  Stop.  Relax.

  If all you need is something as simple as a weekend get away, or even a day away from the usual grind on a Saturday.  Then here you go...  take an old backpack, pack one or two days worth of clothes.  Get in the car (or go by train, metro, taxi, or whatever).  More than likely there is something to do, see, and experience within 100 miles of where you are now...  that's less than a two hour car ride.  If you want to do this overnight, fine.  Find a hotel (it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, it's just a place to sleep).  And, somewhere nearby there will be a restaurant or grocery store.  You don't need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, pots, pans, coolers, and all of the other stuff out there.  Just pack a simple bag and hit the road.  It really is that simple.

  By just getting out there you accomplish many things at once.  First of which is the fact that you did it.  And once you do it, you learn that you really can do it and you can do it again.  By keeping it simple and not over spending, you learn that you don't have to waste a bunch of money on pointless travel related expenditures, you won't get as overwhelmed, and you will learn what else you can do differently the next time you go.  By repeating this process over and over again, you will find that it will become easier every time.  You'll also find that you are more willing to venture out there to new and interesting destinations.  You'll see that you really can go further each time.  You will learn about yourself and learn what kinds of things work for you and what kinds of things you like to do, see, and experience on the road.

  Once you have accomplished all of the above, you become more confident in your abilities.  Just getting out there for one or two day excursions will give you the practice you need.  Eventually you may find that, now that you've learned it really isn't so bad and it really doesn't have to be so complicated, you may want to try something a little more involved...  maybe you want to take a long weekend and see some of the country by train, take a short cruise, buy a plane ticket and see a different part of the country.  All of this is just like the one to two day trips.  You might just need a couple more pairs of pants or shorts, maybe a bathing suit.  But keep it simple.  At some point, you will hopefully decide that you want to see what the rest of the world is all about.  And that my friend, is where I really hope to help you get your travel juices flowing.

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