Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thank You Malibu

  After nearly a week of not being on the road, the head of maintenance decided my truck needed even more work done.  Great, the truck was sent to a third party for the work, my load was postponed even further, and I got into a heated exchange with the guy in charge.  So what did I do after being delayed in both time and money?  I went to Malibu, CA.  There is no chance I'm going to spend two days at a trucking yard waiting for work to get done when the beach is down the street.

  I must admit, I was pretty agitated about the whole ordeal at first.  But while staring at a map over a cup of coffee at a local diner, I decided I'd go for a short drive down the California coast.  Why not?  I wanted to get on the road and continue my life of perpetual travel.  I also wanted to make some money.  But since that plan was changed for me, I decided to make the most of the situation and go see some sights.

  I drove for about an hour south along the coast on highway 1, otherwise known as the Pacific Coast Highway or "PCH" and passed through to the end of Malibu.  Along the way, I noticed the beaches were being used for a film of some kind as was evidenced by the numerous mobile studios, cameras, trailers, and tents set up with tech people and caterers.  As I got closer to Malibu, the restaurants and shops started to pop up and become more numerous; as did the traffic.  So rather than fight the crowds, and to ease my mind, I opted to travel back in the direction from whence I came to a place just south of Point Mugu.  I saw a sign on the side of the road that said "beach access" next to the cliff and there was only one other car parked nearby.  

  I pulled over, grabbed my newly acquired book "The Four Hour Work Week," which seems to be a staple read for anyone and everyone who wants to make it in the world of perpetual travel...  and I must admit, I can see why everyone loves it (I'm thoroughly enjoying it).  I also grabbed my pipe, loaded it with some black cavendish, and my sketch pad.  After descending a steep set of concrete stairs that are rotting away after years of abuse from high tides, I was greeted by the other party's dog.

  Since my plan was to just take advantage of the sudden opening in my schedule, I chose the other end of the beach.  It was exactly what I needed.  I kicked off my shoes, put my feet in the water, sat up against a nice sized rock recliner and enjoyed my book, smoke, and blank paper.   About four hours later, l left feeling refreshed and happy.  Thank you, Malibu.


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